Friday, July 8, 2011

UPDATE!!! When I said you never talk to the same person twice, not true, I was lucky enough to get the same person that told me it would have to be returned to the "locator's department" and this person was a little put out with me that I called back. That didn't work so I tried another avenue....nope that one didn't work either! Pretty much told the same thing, just by another person and no you cannot talk to anyone with any authority above the person you are talking with. So after 3 solid weeks of calling & online chatting every other day, I am still in the same place I was 2 months ago, no answers and a TV that isn't working correctly. I now have to wait another 3 to 5 business days for someone to get back with me as to the status of this claim...........I have spent a total of 3 hours and 4 minutes on the phone (over the last 3 days)at this point, with countless time online chatting with the service department. I so hope this company does the right thing and takes care of this problem......SOON!!!
For the last 2 months I have been trying without success to get a LCD 55" TV warrantied through the LG company.....this has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with any company concerning warranty!!!!! We live pretty much in the middle of nowhereville, which must fascinate people in big cities because they simply cannot understand how there are no qualified service technicians in our "city" (which in fact is so not a "city" and barely qualifies for a town) and while I realize the people I am getting on the other line at LG must have a strict guideline to follow that includes exhausting all avenues (including a repair service center in Florida) just how long does it take for them to understand there is NO qualified service technician within 200 miles of us and we are not near FLORIDA????? The last two days I have spend a total of 1 hour and 22 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold, I might add) trying to get this resolved. I received a phone call from the company in Florida, they told me they don't have a service tech in our area. Hummm....really? So, I turned around and called LG (you NEVER speak to the same person and cannot even request to speak to the same person) this time the lady told me the claim would be returned to the department that looks for service technicians.....exactly how many times will the claim return to this department? I am thinking the "guidelines" these service people follow must try to extend this process so long the customer finally gives up. Well, they don't know me very well.....I am now on a mission to get this TV replaced, I mean come on! This TV cost almost $2000 and was a big splurge! I'm not throwing away $1700! If LG can't provide service to warranty their products, then don't sell the products in nowhereville!! the soapbox and back to the phone lines to try one more time to contact ______ (name withheld to protect identity & possible keep me outta hot water)!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

This is our beloved Bandit with our grand baby just a week ago. Bandit died yesterday after having a convulsion that he just couldn't recover from. Of course it had to happen on a Sunday, but I was able to phone our vet. The vet said it was a convulsion and because he hadn't had any before, he felt like he would recover if we just kept him cool and let him rest. That wasn't the case though, his old body just couldn't come out of it. It is pretty sad around our house, we had Bandit for 15 years and he was such a big part of our family! His buddy, Gus is having a hard time adjusting to not having his constant companion. Bandit brought us so much joy over the years....I don't really think he thought he was a dog, he was just a part of the family! Little Miss Tenley loves dogs and we were surprised that Bandit went right over and sat down next to her and let her tug and pull on him. Wonder if he knew his time was short and she needed to get to know him a little. There are countless stories about Bandit and I am so thankful he belonged to our family, as bad as the hurt is right now there are so many good memories of him with our family!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Update on the wandering (errr trespassing) incident. The "neighbor" was in fact on the phone with the owner of the property and also called the cops on me. Thankfully the Owner had no concerns about me wandering (or trespassing) and figured I was in fact taking pictures.....whew! While the cop surely wanted to at least come and talk with me, the property owner said there was no reason.....thank you!!!! Said owner even said they would call me when the next mare had her foal! Woo Hoo!!!! Maybe I'll get some awesome pictures!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silly Girl!

A friend & I went out to check out our neighbors horses last night and this gal put on a show for us! Her name is Exotic Dancer, but they call her Lollipop....she was really interested in showing us her gums and teeth!! Every time we would tickle her chin she did this! Sometimes for an extended time too. Our neighbor has many many horses....(thinking there are 15 on this place) 2 new babies and 6 more waiting to foal! Not to mention the yearlings, one girl that is "resting" after a little injury and a beautiful stud. I'll probably visit again....hopefully getting lots of pictures of all the sweet babies!

Hummm….something doesn’t belong



I got a new camera for Christmas!  I have the most awesome daughter in the world that suggests gifts for her dad to get me!  It’s not like I “suggest” anything)…..haha

Anyway I’ve been really wanting to not only understand this dang complicated far above my photographic ability gizmo, so I wandered around our little town looking for interesting subjects.  On the edge of town there is this set of several pens that always have horses and cattle.  Me being an animal lover couldn’t help but wander (ok, technically trespass) into said pens.  As I walked down into the pens of cattle I came across this…..he came around the round bale as if to say…..”Yeah, I’m a llama..what of it?”.  It’s pretty well know in our little town that unusual animals sometimes appear at these pens.  They even had a camel one time, which there is a pretty traumatic story of said camel chomping on the owner, but I won’t go into the details.  At any rate, you just never know what you might see in these pens! 

I wandered (err trespassed) around snapping shots of horses, loved on several horses (there is one blue-eyed paint that really liked me) and as I was getting into my pickup to leave I noticed a neighbor standing on her front porch talking on the phone….she was probably calling the police or maybe even the owners of these animals.  That’s sort of a good thing, neighbors looking out for each other.  Life in a small country town is great….we all know everyone, heck most of the time we actually know the names of everyone’s dogs!  But, sometimes there are the “nosey” ones (you know the kind) that just know a little too much information!  Anyway…..I got away without any incident.  Not that the police or owners couldn’t find me because like I said we know everybody! 

Gotta love life in a small country town!!     

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can I just get off this "ride" now??? PLEASE

I never dreamed an empty nest could still be so dang hectic! How in the world did I ever get everything done when my kids were home??? No kids to follow around to various sporting & school events and I still don't have enough time to get everything done much less actually spend any amount of time visiting with some really important people in my life! CrAzY dang life....I guess if I didn't have this compulsion to think I have to do it all (& I admit in a VERY big way.....I seem to always go way over the top in everything) maybe I wouldn't feel so far behind! Oh well, tomorrow is yet another day and nope it's not Friday yet! Too many projects...too little time!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where O Where are we headed???

If anything gets my mind to "pondering" it has to be....where is our country headed? While I am so not informed enough to really have a political "clue", I do know enough to say if our government doesn't "take the reins" we are in some serious trouble!! Come on, it doesn't take a political genius to understand you cannot spend more than you make and thrive!! We, our country, cannot continue to spend! While I am up here on my soapbox, let me just say we are a country that will pay our "sports" and "movie" stars untold money for our entertainment while there are untold numbers of homeless and helpless in our midst! AND! Yes, guilty as charged.....I love movies and while we do not generally go to the theater we cetainly support those "actors" with plenty of pay-for-view purchases!! As for sports, well other than the PBR, PRC or Nascar I would probably never notice if they disappeared! I have no idea what my perfered athletes are paid, but I do know I've never heard of them "striking" for more money! I've done more "blog-stalking" than I care to admit and I have decided I HAVE to figure out how to thrive with what I have!! I sooooo do not even come close to understanding the phrase "doing without", now I don't have EVERYTHING and I am pretty good at settling, but come on I have more than I could possibly deserve! There is ALWAYS at least a months worth of food in this house, I have more "crafty" projects already bought & paid for than I will probably get done in my lifetime, we have shelves full of books to read and many that I haven't even got to yet, more dvd's than anyone person needs, while my closet lacks fashion I certainly don't have a fear of "nothing to wear" and I am so very blessed with not only a family that would "walk through fire" for me but a community full of caring people and some of the most AWESOME friends a person could ask for! I actually often think of my dad's parents always worked for farmers, long hard days in the field. I can remember visiting them when they lived on the farm of the people they worked for. Vivid memories of "slopping" the pigs, sleeping on "pallets" with so many quilts you couldn't get up without help and some super good home-cooked meals! My mom's dad....while I don't really remember I think Grandpa worked at a local "smelter" idea what that is, I just remember that is what was said. One of the most treasured memories I have of this set of grandparents is they ALWAYS had STORE bought cookies, they traveled all the way to Borger to buy groceries and my"Granny" always told me to..."careful be". My dad's parents were Pa & Mom's parents were Granpa Graves and Granny. Just thinking about them makes me sad, how they would've loved to see their great-grandkids all grown up and that great-great grand daughter Miss Tenley!! The legecy they left.....from my dad's family? HARD up addictions to the best of your ability (my "Pa" had an addiction to the " botttle") and loving to the very end. My mom's parents? Also giving up addictions, again My Granpa had an addiction to the "b0ttle", the love of GOD and some sweet sweet love from my "Granny".......she had such a "quirky" love of not only life but all the family! I only wish I had her silly "wit" and love for life!! For now, I commit to living a "simpler" the best of my ability....give in less & less to the to PULLS of this out of control world I am having to life in.....give in more to the simpler ways of live that are my hertiage!! I have already the "simpler" life....while I bought the baking dishes I did use the items I had on-hand to etch the glass for some wedding shower gifts....I used some material I had to make a fabric "stuffed" cross to give-away at the quilting guild I recently joined, I used the fabric I already had (okay, I have to admit I did buy "special" ribbon") to make the tag "lovie" I made for Tenley......I have the supplies to make some baking mix, cookies, cornbread mix, and white sauce mix to add to our "supply" and I've got a flat of 48 seedlings with another 48 ready to get started for our summer garden! Good news, all the seeds I have planted have sprouted.....time willl tell if they survive long enough to be transplanted! I sure hope they do because this will save me ALOT of money!!!! I also hope that this year my life will leave me alone enough to actually put up aka.....can, freeze, dehydrate enough supplies to make me at least feel worthty of my heritage!!!! If anyone is actually reading this I sure could use some extra prayers as I am having some health issues.......mostly not enough iron due to the WoNdErFuL "change-of-life"!!!!! How I pray God will allow me to go through this without the need for any surgery!!! How I pray God will allow me to make this transition without the need for surgery!! For today? Good day at work, even with State inspectors making it much more hectic! Finished one wedding shower gift, "lovie" for Miss Tenley, and gift for quilting guild......not bad!!! Goal? I will post more in depth posts about crafts and "stockin' up"! Who knows, maybe I will even get some in depth posts on crafting or stockin' up ideas!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stockin' up!

Been reading some really awesome blogs lately....mostly about how to become more self sufficient. That's not the easiest thing to accomplish not only because we live within the "city-limits" but also because we have lived such a "gotta-have-it-now" generation!!! So, anyway back to the stockin' up...hubby & I went to the "city" (which means we had to travel 100 miles to the nearest place large enough to have any amount of stores to actually shop at) and stocked up! Stockin' up several years ago meant buying enough groceries to get us through a whole month, but in light of where our country seems to be headed it now means "stockin' up" on some real basics. Today we stocked up on flour, sugar, pinto beans and rice. Just as a little side note....I am praying to our great God that I will not have to survive on only these items, but if we do? Well, we are now stocked up...or at least as much as I know how. I mean.....when hubby asked me how much flour, sugar, bean and rice would it take for us to get through a year? All I could really do was take a "stab in the dark"! We've lived our entire 40+ years with EVERYTHING at our fingertips, sure throughout the years there have been spikes and extreme lows, but never has there been a time where any items where not available to us! I don't know about the general population, but with the rise in commodities, I do fear a shortage.....or at least prices to spike so high we simply cannot afford it or even our local stores not handling those items. Hubby & I both have great paying jobs and can handle a spike in rising energy some extent anyway, but what will we do when it is everything? Lights, heat, gas for cars, down to the basics of life meaning foo? Not so sure we can handle EVERYTHING! So...we've decided to stockpile, cut back and make due to the very best of our capabilities. So...I've decided to make due with what we have as much as I can. Kinda like the "Chose to Thrive" blog I follow. Instead of running out and buying something...look around, is there something you have that you can make work or something you can re purpose? Just this last weekend found I can re purpose coffee cans (the plastic type) to storage containers for my dried goods, with the help of some shelf paper, a awesome Christmas gift of a "Cricut" and a small amount of time I made a storage container for pinto beans and rice!!!
What happens when we see such a rise in energy costs that it affects the amount of family budget for food? Our electric bill for the month of December was almost $500! Yup, I said almost $500....$483.29 to EXACT! HOLY COW!!!! I almost had a heart attack....I mean COME ON!......our house is over 2,000 sq ft, but REALLY??????? Anyway....hubby & I got to talking about what it would take to survive a whole year without the ability or resources to purchase the basic foods. We are so not there.....but, after today? Well, let's just say we've made a dent in what it will take!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Beautiful day here in the "handles"! Gonna take full advantage of it.....headed out to do a little junkin'! My junkin' buddy and I are headed to the big city to hit some junk stores and of course Hobby Lobby.....stinks that Hobby Lobby is 100 miles away!!! But...I'd bet my hubby is waaayy glad! I've always got far too many projects in my head to ever get done and if I lived closer to good 'ole Hobby Lobby we'd be in some major trouble!! I have been rockin' what I got though.....makin' purposing like crazy....and Hubby, well let's just say he's finally learned to just let it go and let my crazy ideas take their course. Which, I must add most of the time eventually do work out. This week's projects are: painting and glazing a super old picture frame, painting two chests of drawers, painting and hanging shelves for storage in crafting room, adding a bulletin board to a door (so I can show off my precious grand baby).....okay so maybe it'll take more than a week, but that's okay because I am sure I will be adding tons more to the basically a time frame just doesn't matter!
Off to do some junkin' and see what other treasures just have to come live at my house!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And another thing.....

While said kids were reminiscing the local news came on. There was a story about the local (local for us means 100 miles away) Salvation Army store and how people are dumping there trash and junk at the drop-off door. Now there was some pretty disgusting stuff pictured, but what my hubby & kids zoomed in on was two seatless chimed in to say "glad Mom can't get her hands those" while the other said "haha I was just thinking the same thing!" and of course hubby had to add..."yep, she'd get out the red paint and go to town!". I do love chairs, but in my defense I always make good use of them! Two of the three participants in this discussion of my craftyness have recently benefited from my love of chairs! And yes....when I saw those seemly sturdy yet seatless chairs the ideas where chruning!!!

Ahh....the memories

My daughter & grand baby are here for a visit!! YAY!! I've so much enjoyed spoiling this baby!! Last night my son and daughter were reminiscing.......somehow we got on the topic of being sick and my son remembered a time that he thought he could "fake" a fever to get out of going to school. I do remember him telling me he didn't feel good and thought he had a fever....he had already taken his temperature and handed me the thermometer. It showed this part I don't remember, but I also don't doubt for a second these were my actions....he said I took one look at the thermometer and promptly threw his clothes at him, told him to get dressed and go to school because if his fever was that high he'd be dead. He went to school that day & he didn't die...he also didn't ever stick the thermometer next to the light bulb again or at least not quite so long!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So....this is where I spent pretty much the entire first day of February. That storm did blow in, while we didn't get much snow (just enough to sorta cover the ground) we did get the COLD and WIND! I now know I do not want to live in Alaska! Wind chills were 25-30 below 0 throughout the day! I did get the day truck driving son stayed safe and made it back home today! The bad part....the cold water to my kitchen sink froze sometime late yesterday (yes, I realize I was home!), I had been using that faucet off and on all day! Sometime though I forgot to let it drip and it froze before I remembered to turn it back on!! Hubby & I both had to work today, so we just had to leave small heaters close to where the pipes are in an attempt to thaw them out. Good news: that truck driving son came in and got the pipes thawed! YAY! Running water again! Highs today a whopping 10! Tomorrow at least it doubles! Looking forward to Friday when it is predicted to get above freezing! And to think just last Saturday the highs were in the mid 70's......out here in the 'handles it's true what they say: "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!".

Monday, January 31, 2011

There's a storm 'a comin'

In my neck of the woods people are gettin' ready! Schools have been canceled, people are flocking to the local grocery store (what makes us go by milk & bread when there is a storm forecast?), local businesses are gearin' up and heck even the business I work for is considering not even being open tomorrow! That last one gets a big YAY from me, first time EVER we've closed completely.
At any rate it is the talk of the entire country....this storm that is forecast to dump ice and heavy amounts of snow. I think I'll just load up some firewood, build a big fire and read....that is if the storm actually hits! And send up lots of prayers for my truck driving son that is somewhere in the Dakotas.....I'll probably spend most of my time doing that last one! Sure pray he stays safe and alert on the dangerous roads! He'd just tell me not to worry...sorry son, can't do that. It's part of the description of being a matter how old your children are!
So far it's just super cold here....not even a flake of snow or sign of freezing rain. Who knows maybe we'll wake tomorrow to sunny skies!! Which would be okay with me, even if I could get the day would just mean that truck driving son of mine would be able to get home.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What make a home???

What exactly makes a house a home?? That is a question I've been thinking about lately.....we've lived in our current "house" longer than any other in our 26 years of marriage. It's far from perfect...kinda think 70's flash back & you'll fit right in! I think I've thought a lot about it because my parents moved from the house I remember most about a year after I married. Now my parents moved back to to house we lived in before we moved to the country house, but the "country house" is where the most of my memories of growing up are. Lots & lots of memeories!!!! I miss that house even now!! How I wish I could've show my daugther the cool bullentin board my mom made me....or shown my son all the cool places I rode my horses and practiced for events. I know it's just a "place"......but oh, how very many memories those places hold!!
I finally took that plunge and took a quilting class...we learned how to make a quilt as you go pattern. I can't wait to make one!!! I've already started "surfin" to find western material! The quilters challenge for the club this year is ...... your favorite hometown. I am certain I won't participate, (simply because I am such a novice!) but it sure makes me think. This is my hometown....the place some of my very best memories are because this is the town we spent the most years raising our kids. The school our kids graduated from. It tells an awesome story of our little family and we are just one of MaNy! Maybe it's just me...maybe my kids don't hold it the same....maybe it's just a town, but it is my town.....the place the bestest of memories of raising my family is......the place I want to be laid to rest....the place I cherish. It may not be the place I started or the place I end......but it is the place with the bestest of memories and I love this town because of that!
FYI: my grand baby is coming for a visit!!!! I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Heirlooms


random 030

Check out this quilt….it is WAY old.  My great-great grandmother made it.  It hangs in my hallway and I love it!  I will eventually have to give it up though :( because this quilt is handed down to the first daughter in each family to marry and my daughter is married now!  I have talked her into letting me keep it until she has the perfect place to hang it!  I LOVE QUILTS!  I really like quilts that have meaning….not store bought mass produced, but those made by hand! 


I finally finished the desk! I bought a desk at a "junk" store awhile back and it wasn't in the best condition....I am really new to refinishing furniture, but I think it turned out pretty good! Good grief all I need is another hobby! I love to go junkin' though! Now that I've finished this project I know I'll be looking for more! Hubby says we don't need anymore stuff though! That being said I purchased an old wooden ladder at an auction last weekend, brought it home, cut off the back and made it into a cool quilt holder! Now I have a place to show off the few family heirloom quilts I have! I love it and hubby even approved! Now I am working on turning an old wooden chair into a night stand for my daughter....just about have it stripped (it was covered with many layers of animal print tissue paper!). I hope to finish it this weekend!
I am finally taking the plunge! I am enrolled in a quilting class, bless the ladies that will be teaching! I can sew, but I am one of those hurry up and see what's it's gonna look like people! I love love love quilts and while I've made a couple I very much want to learn how to make them correctly....I can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A day in the life of a 40 something......Up around 6:00 (a.m. of course), still super excited that I have a new camera even though I don't know exactly know how to use it!! Super bummed that I have to go to work instead of learning all about the new camera! Up, showered, dressed and caffine filled off to work 7:30ish.....then to local joint to grab the 44 oz. unsweetened tea (extra ice) to get me through till lunch, 7:45ish (yes, it takes me 15 minutes to get tea because in a small town you know everyone and of course you have to stop for a visit to catch up even though you just talked with them yesterday!) to work to work I go!! After a short "Hello" to boss man to the daily grind I go!!! About 15 minutes later...morning work is done! No, it's not always that quick, just this time of year! Then it's a little blog-stalking.....I could actually do this all day, but I do have some self displine! I've read and studied some AWESOME blogs and ya' know what? Yup, you guessed it.....I don't have the writing talent of sooooo many bloggers out there! But, I forge on, maybe just maybe I will get it at some point! 12:00!!!! YEY!! Lunch break, but oh dang I remember I have to do paperwork for hubby....2290 to be exact, can I do it over the phone? 10 minutes later....ummm NO! Can I do it online, 7 to 10 days the IRS will send you the pin number, that would be great if this wasn't due....ummm way before yesterday! is now almost time to be back at work, decision time. Skip lunch altogether or grab something to take back, of course I decide the later (I've never been too good at skipping meals, which you could take one look at me and KNOW) to grocery store, grab frozen quickie meal and another 44 oz unsweetened tea.....check out? Not before I drop the iced tea and make a big mess! Of course I had to replace the tea, I certainly couldn't go without! Well....after the clean up of 44 oz of iced messed....I make the 1 minute commute to work, but of course as I am pulling into the parking lot, someone pulls in right in front of me AND A TAKES MY PARKING SPACE!!! So, I park way out in the lot...okay so it's only a few extra steps to the office, but REALLY? You couldn't park somewhere else? I am not sure why this bothers me so.....just one more thing I apparently need to work on!! :) Not too much excitement for the afternoon.....usual work stuff. 5:00? Boy, I'm outta' there....once home? What's for supper? Quick and easy? Yup, that'll work for me!!! Taco Quesadilla (I know that's not spelled right). After supper, gotta play with new camera with some very reluctant subjects! Come on guys...I promised not to post these practice pics anywhere....why won't you trust me!!! YEY!! Actually walked 2 miles at a pretty good "clip" (on the treadmill I had to "over hall" for an awful squeaking the night before)....don't laugh, remember this is a 40-something here! Sooooo....after just a little more "blog-stalking", trying my hand at this "bloggin" thing...pretty sure no one reads it and I am pretty sure only my sweet daughter will follow. Oh's a cool release!
Happy "bloggin" ya'll!

Monday, January 3, 2011

So....Christmas has come and gone & the new year has blown on it! Tenley is growing and changing by leaps and bounds! I cannot get enough of this little one....she is simply the light of my life! How amazing it is to see her develop....she is now rolling over when she wants to...she is gaining more and more control of her hands and she loves to "talk" especially to her Uncle Derek.
As the new year comes rushing in so do all my thoughts of goals for the new year! First and foremost I have to find some self discipline! Top on my list is to spend more time in God's Word, followed by being still and letting God be God in my life. In this crazy-insanely hectic-gotta have it now world, this may be a big accomplishment! I thought when your kids grew up and spread their wings life slowed down! SO NOT TRUE!!! While we may not have some sort of a ballgame or stock show around every corner, my schedule still seems to be full! I am beginning to learn how to say "no", someone once told me that just because it is something good doesn't mean you have to automatically say "yes". Satan has a way of working in all avenues in our lives, even when we believe it is for the good.....he can spread us so thin doing good we soon find ourselves lost in doing instead of following God's will for our lives.
Another goal is to eat healthy and exercise, I haven't been to good with either of these in a long long time . Today was the first day....ate healthy and actually exercised! The same person that told me not to always say yes also told me that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That doesn't seem like a long time, but just try it and you'll soon realize how long 21 days can be. Day one down, 20 more to go!!
As 2011 takes do I, ready to be amazed at every awesome thing this precious granddaughter does and ready to be the person God wants me to be!! Watch out 2011...HERE I COME!