Saturday, February 19, 2011


Beautiful day here in the "handles"! Gonna take full advantage of it.....headed out to do a little junkin'! My junkin' buddy and I are headed to the big city to hit some junk stores and of course Hobby Lobby.....stinks that Hobby Lobby is 100 miles away!!! But...I'd bet my hubby is waaayy glad! I've always got far too many projects in my head to ever get done and if I lived closer to good 'ole Hobby Lobby we'd be in some major trouble!! I have been rockin' what I got though.....makin' purposing like crazy....and Hubby, well let's just say he's finally learned to just let it go and let my crazy ideas take their course. Which, I must add most of the time eventually do work out. This week's projects are: painting and glazing a super old picture frame, painting two chests of drawers, painting and hanging shelves for storage in crafting room, adding a bulletin board to a door (so I can show off my precious grand baby).....okay so maybe it'll take more than a week, but that's okay because I am sure I will be adding tons more to the basically a time frame just doesn't matter!
Off to do some junkin' and see what other treasures just have to come live at my house!!!

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