Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So....this is where I spent pretty much the entire first day of February. That storm did blow in, while we didn't get much snow (just enough to sorta cover the ground) we did get the COLD and WIND! I now know I do not want to live in Alaska! Wind chills were 25-30 below 0 throughout the day! I did get the day truck driving son stayed safe and made it back home today! The bad part....the cold water to my kitchen sink froze sometime late yesterday (yes, I realize I was home!), I had been using that faucet off and on all day! Sometime though I forgot to let it drip and it froze before I remembered to turn it back on!! Hubby & I both had to work today, so we just had to leave small heaters close to where the pipes are in an attempt to thaw them out. Good news: that truck driving son came in and got the pipes thawed! YAY! Running water again! Highs today a whopping 10! Tomorrow at least it doubles! Looking forward to Friday when it is predicted to get above freezing! And to think just last Saturday the highs were in the mid 70's......out here in the 'handles it's true what they say: "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!".

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