Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And another thing.....

While said kids were reminiscing the local news came on. There was a story about the local (local for us means 100 miles away) Salvation Army store and how people are dumping there trash and junk at the drop-off door. Now there was some pretty disgusting stuff pictured, but what my hubby & kids zoomed in on was two seatless chairs.....one chimed in to say "glad Mom can't get her hands those" while the other said "haha I was just thinking the same thing!" and of course hubby had to add..."yep, she'd get out the red paint and go to town!". I do love chairs, but in my defense I always make good use of them! Two of the three participants in this discussion of my craftyness have recently benefited from my love of chairs! And yes....when I saw those seemly sturdy yet seatless chairs the ideas where chruning!!!

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