Monday, October 25, 2010

Life's About Changes.....

nothing ever stays the same. I remember loving this song, thinking it was a Trisha Yearwood song. Boy is that ever true with the Blain bunch. We've had a ever changing year......last year about this time Garry sold his truck and went to work for a local farmer, loved the job but in the early summer he hurt his back. As it turned out it was a serious injury and he finally had surgery in July. Super cool story to go along with how we ended up in Enid Oklahoma for surgery.....Garry had been to our family doctor, the emergency room, and a chiropractor with no answers or relief from the pain. Then one Sunday morning as we walked into church a woman who was visiting family commented on Garry limping, asking what was wrong. As we began to explain what was going on she told us she was a neurosurgeon's nurse in Enid and if we wanted she would pull some strings to get Garry an appointment asap. We did just that the following Wednesday and wow did she pull some strings.....Garry got an appointment that very day and had surgery the following day! God sure used this precious woman to get us to the right place!!! Garry had a very bad ruptured disc that was pinching off a nerve. As a result of the surgery he had to be off work for 3 months! This of course didn't work for the job he had, so once again we were searching for answers on what to do. In time not only has his back healed, but he has bought another truck and leased onto a company out of Booker Texas! YEA, employed again!
On August 23, our daughter Katelyn and her husband Ben blessed us with our very first grand baby! Tenely Samantha!!! She is just too precious for words! And this whole Grandparent (Nana for me and Papa for Garry) thing is just too amazing! The only bad part is they live 4 1/2 hours away from us!!! Just can't get enough of this little one!!
Our son, Derek has also changed jobs and is working for an oilfield company out of Liberal. He puts in a lot of hours, but he loves driving truck and has adjusted well to the long hours!
Life is always changing, but with the guidance of God I know we will always be able to adjust to the changes!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tenely Samantha Ford

Wow! I'm a "Nana"!!!!! Everyone kept telling my how awesome it is to have grandchildren, you just don't understand until that first little one arrives!! Tenely Samantha Ford joined our family August 23 and she is the most amazing little bundle of preciousness I believe I've ever encountered!!
She and her mama just spent their first weekend at Nana & Papa's house and boy did we ever enjoy it!! My daughter, Katey, is an awesome Mom already....what a lucky little girl to have such an amazing Mom! Katey & her friend Chanel got to go out for a little "girl time" and I got to watch over Tenely....not without Katey giving me instructions to how things are done. Katey & Ben have little Miss Tenley on a schedule, which works out great for everyone and in fact I did the same thing. Brought back memories of the first time I left my first born with my mom, I did the exact same thing....except I actually wrote down the schedule for her! haha Needless to say I got a little chuckle out of that! My mom told me, as I handed her the instructions of how to work little Derek's schedule, she was pretty sure while it had been many years since she'd had a newborn she could handle feeding, changing diapers, bathing and mostly cuddling and spoiling her first grandchild. I did kinda giggle at Katey and assured her I could handle it! Well, we did great....little Miss Tenley stayed on schedule and Mama was happy.
Can't wait until the next visit!!!