Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Makin' Popcorn Balls!!

Every year at Halloween I make popcorn balls....they are kinda famous in these parts! The recipe actually came from my Auntie Kay and I've been making them too many years to count. Grown-ups love to bring the kiddos to my door just to get this treat! I even had one dad tell his daughter to make sure our house was the first stop so he wouldn't miss out! This year was especially great because my daughter was here to visit and she got into the whole "mess" with me! We made a total of 70 or so popcorn balls....lots of happy treat or treaters!! I use an air popper and of course sometimes the corn pops after it hits the bowl, so it can be pretty messy with popcorn poppin' all over the place! While my daughter won't appreciate the picture of her and the "popper" I think it's pretty funny! She's trying to keep the popcorn from flying out of the bowl!