Thursday, April 14, 2011


Update on the wandering (errr trespassing) incident. The "neighbor" was in fact on the phone with the owner of the property and also called the cops on me. Thankfully the Owner had no concerns about me wandering (or trespassing) and figured I was in fact taking pictures.....whew! While the cop surely wanted to at least come and talk with me, the property owner said there was no reason.....thank you!!!! Said owner even said they would call me when the next mare had her foal! Woo Hoo!!!! Maybe I'll get some awesome pictures!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silly Girl!

A friend & I went out to check out our neighbors horses last night and this gal put on a show for us! Her name is Exotic Dancer, but they call her Lollipop....she was really interested in showing us her gums and teeth!! Every time we would tickle her chin she did this! Sometimes for an extended time too. Our neighbor has many many horses....(thinking there are 15 on this place) 2 new babies and 6 more waiting to foal! Not to mention the yearlings, one girl that is "resting" after a little injury and a beautiful stud. I'll probably visit again....hopefully getting lots of pictures of all the sweet babies!

Hummm….something doesn’t belong



I got a new camera for Christmas!  I have the most awesome daughter in the world that suggests gifts for her dad to get me!  It’s not like I “suggest” anything)…..haha

Anyway I’ve been really wanting to not only understand this dang complicated far above my photographic ability gizmo, so I wandered around our little town looking for interesting subjects.  On the edge of town there is this set of several pens that always have horses and cattle.  Me being an animal lover couldn’t help but wander (ok, technically trespass) into said pens.  As I walked down into the pens of cattle I came across this…..he came around the round bale as if to say…..”Yeah, I’m a llama..what of it?”.  It’s pretty well know in our little town that unusual animals sometimes appear at these pens.  They even had a camel one time, which there is a pretty traumatic story of said camel chomping on the owner, but I won’t go into the details.  At any rate, you just never know what you might see in these pens! 

I wandered (err trespassed) around snapping shots of horses, loved on several horses (there is one blue-eyed paint that really liked me) and as I was getting into my pickup to leave I noticed a neighbor standing on her front porch talking on the phone….she was probably calling the police or maybe even the owners of these animals.  That’s sort of a good thing, neighbors looking out for each other.  Life in a small country town is great….we all know everyone, heck most of the time we actually know the names of everyone’s dogs!  But, sometimes there are the “nosey” ones (you know the kind) that just know a little too much information!  Anyway…..I got away without any incident.  Not that the police or owners couldn’t find me because like I said we know everybody! 

Gotta love life in a small country town!!     

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can I just get off this "ride" now??? PLEASE

I never dreamed an empty nest could still be so dang hectic! How in the world did I ever get everything done when my kids were home??? No kids to follow around to various sporting & school events and I still don't have enough time to get everything done much less actually spend any amount of time visiting with some really important people in my life! CrAzY dang life....I guess if I didn't have this compulsion to think I have to do it all (& I admit in a VERY big way.....I seem to always go way over the top in everything) maybe I wouldn't feel so far behind! Oh well, tomorrow is yet another day and nope it's not Friday yet! Too many projects...too little time!