Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old Dogs

This past weekend was time to do some washing....the dog bed and blanket kind. Bandit could really care less, except he watches closely in the beginning of the process to make sure there isn't a bath for them in the works. It goes like this: I pick up the beds and the blanket.....they both watch closely making sure the doggie dog to the back yard is between me and them....as I put the beds and blanket in the washer they sit patiently waiting on what comes next, if I move towards them out the door they go! Now this weekend the weather was yucky and cold, so I had no intention of a bath and they were relieved! They only really feel safe from the bath thing when the beds and blanket are returned smellin' good and warm from the dryer. Gus does wait on his blanket, now this time he didn't sit in the laundry room, but he did come runnin' (well sort of a waddle) when I put them in the dryer....and he again came when I took them out of the dryer (and yes he does a little dance...again sorta, he turns in circles, pretty slow circles, but circles and keeps an eye on where they go) This time as I put the beds down they were both right there....I put Gus' blanket on top of one of the beds and Bandit pounced on it! Gus just watched in disbelief!!! As I put the other bed down, Gus didn't move...just stared down Bandit on HIS BLANKET! I watched and giggled a little for a few minutes and then coaxed Bandit to the other bed (they really don't have a certain "bed", but which ever bed has the blanket is actually Gus').....fat boy with the tongue too long moved swiftly (well as swiftly as a fat dog can!) and he was in dog heaven!!! Bandit being the carefree all-loving one was happy with a little attention from me, while Gus was gloating somewhat from the conquest he felt in snuggling in his blanket! It's a dog's life.....happy with a good smellin' & warm blanket and bed and bath free for atleast another week! They both probably feel like they on some sort of a contest!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

For Such a Time as This

In the book of Esther, Mordecai told his cousin,Queen Esther, "...who can say but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?" What if I lived my life recognizing each situation God places in front of me as an opportunity "for such a time as this"? To stop and consider my actions & even reactions....to make that connection between my faith and my daily life. As a woman I tend to compartmentalize my life...work, family, church, social. I have come to understand I do a great job of keeping it compartmentalized and I can certainly justify why I do it. But, as my father-in-law always said, "We can justify anything in our own mind". Esther could have simply stepped back and said, "I can't do this, it is not my place. I am the Queen and this is not behavior for the Queen." Esther made that connection between faith and her position, she stepped out in faith to save her people knowing full well she could surely die. You see, while we may think as women in today's society we're "less than" in that time women truly were! King Xerxes could have had her killed simply for coming into his presence without being summoned and no one would have blinked an eye. But, Esther believing this was her "such as time as this" took that chance...not before time in prayer and fasting, but non the less she took that step. The great God we love saw her faith and the Jews were saved from destruction.
What if I lived my daily life "for such a time as this"?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Gus is the other "old dog" in our family, he is 13 years old. Gus has always had a weight problem...he really can't help it and sometimes it does bother him. It makes him a "closet" eater, he waits until no one is watching to gobble up his meals and if you walk in on him while he's eating...he'll stop and watch you until you leave the room. Gus also has a tongue problem, it's too long for his mouth so he is always sticking his tognue out at you! Gus has a blanket...he loves his blanket. He sleeps on it in the hot summer and covers himself up with it in the cold winter. If I wash it, well...he's like a little kid and sits by the washer/dryer until it is returned to him! Gus is really good at sleeping, I think his metabolism must be slow or maybe even nonexsistant! He and Bandit are best buds...they share just about everything, except the blanket...that brings on some issues. So, Bandit being the older and wiser one just lets is go knowing Gus simply cannot help that selfish side. We're crazy about our overweight, tongue sticking out, sleepy Gus!!!

Meet "Bandit"........Bandit is 14 years old, he's my "old dog" and my best buddy! No matter how bad any given day might be this old guy can make me smile and know I am deeply loved! Bandit can spell, he really can! This guy LOVES treats...forget the "dog food" he could live on treats only, his favorite is T-Bonz! If we let the word treat come outta our mouth, he would go crazy...dancin', jumpin', whimperin'; so we started spelling treat. I didn't take long and he picked up on it and then watch out... t r e a t and he'd go crazy...And he would jump up at my hand (never biting it, just gettin' my attention) and then run back and forth to the cabinet where the precious treats are stored! It's not just me that he picks this up on, it's everyone in our family. My kids loved to show off to their friends how smart Bandit is....Bandit never let them down and always proved just how smart he is. Yup! Everyone is amazed at our "old dog" that is so darn smart he can spell. He's gettin' up there in years, going blind and certainly losing his hearing...except for t r e a t! He'll come runnin' every time and never let you forget not only can he spell, he'll show you where the treats are stored! He's even polite about accepting the treat, he will wait no matter how close you get it to his mouth (sometimes we test his patience and just watch in amazement) until you say "okay you can have it", then and only then will he gobble it up and of course want more!
Bandit probably won't be around many more years...what love and devotion he's given our family! We love 'ya old guy!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things pondered........

Hummm....continuing on from the thought of yesterday's post, our "purpose" our "gifts". In this crazy face-paced, insane, keep-up-with-the-Jone's, high-tech, world we are apart of....we need to truly do our best to live in the world and not by the world. Scripture actually says in Romans 12:2 "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will." In that search for purpose and gifts we would be well advised to slow down. I recently read an invididual's very intersting daily activity for a daily walk with God, not only does this individual have a prayer time, but also an "answering" time...it is called the "answering place". When this individual has daily prayer, time and space is also set aside to be still & quite to listen for answers....the "answering place". We get so caught up in the world, we too often zip past God's plans for us, never slowing down enough to ponder what God has planned for us.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Finding purpose in life.....

Why is it so hard? When we reflect and try to find our "Purpose" or "Gifts", we look everywhere...contemplate so many different things....expect some grand intervention...beat ourselves up for not "KNOWING". God does have a purpose for each of us, so maybe while we are "searching" we just do what we have the power to do today! And while doing that....we find our purpose, our gift. When we stop allowing this world to dictate our every move and truly hear that "small still voice", that is when we will find our gift.......we all have them and I am determined to do what I have the power to do today to fulfill that "Purpose" God has for my life. Are you?

Life in the "handle"

Just starting this whole new world.....not only an almost empty nest but the world of bloggin'! The snow out here in the panhandles of Texas & Oklahoma is just about gone! YEA!!! Don't know how you people in the north do the snow on the ground all winter long! Feeling a bit sorry for those who are in the deep south that have had to deal with snow this winter!!!