Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old Dogs

This past weekend was time to do some washing....the dog bed and blanket kind. Bandit could really care less, except he watches closely in the beginning of the process to make sure there isn't a bath for them in the works. It goes like this: I pick up the beds and the blanket.....they both watch closely making sure the doggie dog to the back yard is between me and them....as I put the beds and blanket in the washer they sit patiently waiting on what comes next, if I move towards them out the door they go! Now this weekend the weather was yucky and cold, so I had no intention of a bath and they were relieved! They only really feel safe from the bath thing when the beds and blanket are returned smellin' good and warm from the dryer. Gus does wait on his blanket, now this time he didn't sit in the laundry room, but he did come runnin' (well sort of a waddle) when I put them in the dryer....and he again came when I took them out of the dryer (and yes he does a little dance...again sorta, he turns in circles, pretty slow circles, but circles and keeps an eye on where they go) This time as I put the beds down they were both right there....I put Gus' blanket on top of one of the beds and Bandit pounced on it! Gus just watched in disbelief!!! As I put the other bed down, Gus didn't move...just stared down Bandit on HIS BLANKET! I watched and giggled a little for a few minutes and then coaxed Bandit to the other bed (they really don't have a certain "bed", but which ever bed has the blanket is actually Gus').....fat boy with the tongue too long moved swiftly (well as swiftly as a fat dog can!) and he was in dog heaven!!! Bandit being the carefree all-loving one was happy with a little attention from me, while Gus was gloating somewhat from the conquest he felt in snuggling in his blanket! It's a dog's life.....happy with a good smellin' & warm blanket and bed and bath free for atleast another week! They both probably feel like they on some sort of a contest!

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