Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Gus is the other "old dog" in our family, he is 13 years old. Gus has always had a weight problem...he really can't help it and sometimes it does bother him. It makes him a "closet" eater, he waits until no one is watching to gobble up his meals and if you walk in on him while he's eating...he'll stop and watch you until you leave the room. Gus also has a tongue problem, it's too long for his mouth so he is always sticking his tognue out at you! Gus has a blanket...he loves his blanket. He sleeps on it in the hot summer and covers himself up with it in the cold winter. If I wash it, well...he's like a little kid and sits by the washer/dryer until it is returned to him! Gus is really good at sleeping, I think his metabolism must be slow or maybe even nonexsistant! He and Bandit are best buds...they share just about everything, except the blanket...that brings on some issues. So, Bandit being the older and wiser one just lets is go knowing Gus simply cannot help that selfish side. We're crazy about our overweight, tongue sticking out, sleepy Gus!!!

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