Saturday, February 19, 2011


Beautiful day here in the "handles"! Gonna take full advantage of it.....headed out to do a little junkin'! My junkin' buddy and I are headed to the big city to hit some junk stores and of course Hobby Lobby.....stinks that Hobby Lobby is 100 miles away!!! But...I'd bet my hubby is waaayy glad! I've always got far too many projects in my head to ever get done and if I lived closer to good 'ole Hobby Lobby we'd be in some major trouble!! I have been rockin' what I got though.....makin' purposing like crazy....and Hubby, well let's just say he's finally learned to just let it go and let my crazy ideas take their course. Which, I must add most of the time eventually do work out. This week's projects are: painting and glazing a super old picture frame, painting two chests of drawers, painting and hanging shelves for storage in crafting room, adding a bulletin board to a door (so I can show off my precious grand baby).....okay so maybe it'll take more than a week, but that's okay because I am sure I will be adding tons more to the basically a time frame just doesn't matter!
Off to do some junkin' and see what other treasures just have to come live at my house!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And another thing.....

While said kids were reminiscing the local news came on. There was a story about the local (local for us means 100 miles away) Salvation Army store and how people are dumping there trash and junk at the drop-off door. Now there was some pretty disgusting stuff pictured, but what my hubby & kids zoomed in on was two seatless chimed in to say "glad Mom can't get her hands those" while the other said "haha I was just thinking the same thing!" and of course hubby had to add..."yep, she'd get out the red paint and go to town!". I do love chairs, but in my defense I always make good use of them! Two of the three participants in this discussion of my craftyness have recently benefited from my love of chairs! And yes....when I saw those seemly sturdy yet seatless chairs the ideas where chruning!!!

Ahh....the memories

My daughter & grand baby are here for a visit!! YAY!! I've so much enjoyed spoiling this baby!! Last night my son and daughter were reminiscing.......somehow we got on the topic of being sick and my son remembered a time that he thought he could "fake" a fever to get out of going to school. I do remember him telling me he didn't feel good and thought he had a fever....he had already taken his temperature and handed me the thermometer. It showed this part I don't remember, but I also don't doubt for a second these were my actions....he said I took one look at the thermometer and promptly threw his clothes at him, told him to get dressed and go to school because if his fever was that high he'd be dead. He went to school that day & he didn't die...he also didn't ever stick the thermometer next to the light bulb again or at least not quite so long!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So....this is where I spent pretty much the entire first day of February. That storm did blow in, while we didn't get much snow (just enough to sorta cover the ground) we did get the COLD and WIND! I now know I do not want to live in Alaska! Wind chills were 25-30 below 0 throughout the day! I did get the day truck driving son stayed safe and made it back home today! The bad part....the cold water to my kitchen sink froze sometime late yesterday (yes, I realize I was home!), I had been using that faucet off and on all day! Sometime though I forgot to let it drip and it froze before I remembered to turn it back on!! Hubby & I both had to work today, so we just had to leave small heaters close to where the pipes are in an attempt to thaw them out. Good news: that truck driving son came in and got the pipes thawed! YAY! Running water again! Highs today a whopping 10! Tomorrow at least it doubles! Looking forward to Friday when it is predicted to get above freezing! And to think just last Saturday the highs were in the mid 70's......out here in the 'handles it's true what they say: "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!".