Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ahh....the memories

My daughter & grand baby are here for a visit!! YAY!! I've so much enjoyed spoiling this baby!! Last night my son and daughter were reminiscing.......somehow we got on the topic of being sick and my son remembered a time that he thought he could "fake" a fever to get out of going to school. I do remember him telling me he didn't feel good and thought he had a fever....he had already taken his temperature and handed me the thermometer. It showed 105.....now this part I don't remember, but I also don't doubt for a second these were my actions....he said I took one look at the thermometer and promptly threw his clothes at him, told him to get dressed and go to school because if his fever was that high he'd be dead. He went to school that day & he didn't die...he also didn't ever stick the thermometer next to the light bulb again or at least not quite so long!

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