Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meet "Bandit"........Bandit is 14 years old, he's my "old dog" and my best buddy! No matter how bad any given day might be this old guy can make me smile and know I am deeply loved! Bandit can spell, he really can! This guy LOVES treats...forget the "dog food" he could live on treats only, his favorite is T-Bonz! If we let the word treat come outta our mouth, he would go crazy...dancin', jumpin', whimperin'; so we started spelling treat. I didn't take long and he picked up on it and then watch out... t r e a t and he'd go crazy...And he would jump up at my hand (never biting it, just gettin' my attention) and then run back and forth to the cabinet where the precious treats are stored! It's not just me that he picks this up on, it's everyone in our family. My kids loved to show off to their friends how smart Bandit is....Bandit never let them down and always proved just how smart he is. Yup! Everyone is amazed at our "old dog" that is so darn smart he can spell. He's gettin' up there in years, going blind and certainly losing his hearing...except for t r e a t! He'll come runnin' every time and never let you forget not only can he spell, he'll show you where the treats are stored! He's even polite about accepting the treat, he will wait no matter how close you get it to his mouth (sometimes we test his patience and just watch in amazement) until you say "okay you can have it", then and only then will he gobble it up and of course want more!
Bandit probably won't be around many more years...what love and devotion he's given our family! We love 'ya old guy!!

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