Monday, March 1, 2010

Who Knew

Who knew when my husband stated a new job that I'd be so darn perplexed at the simple idea of packing a lunch? I have a great hubby and up until this job change he's always been pretty much on his own when it comes to lunch, he never complained and come to think about it....he still doesn't. I was never concerned, partly because I work full time and partly because it was just never something that bothered me least until he started working with some other men that have awesome wives that go to great pains to fix them fabulous home-cooked lunches. About a week into it and the sheer guilt of a fast sandwich kicked in and I had the brilliant idea of canned soup...who would know that it wasn't home made?! The "other" wives fix all this wonderful chicken sandwiches...stew, you name it and these women can concoct it, keep it hot and make it delicious! Mind you, my great hubby wasn't really rubbing it in when he would tell me about the "lunches", I asume he's just a perplexed as I am (or maybe I'm just givin him to much credit...but, hey after 25 years of marriage I've gotta be blind to some issues!) Now...while I don't consider myself a gourmet chef I take some pride in being a pretty darn good home cook, so this is really buggin' me! I guess there is some stupid sense of competition in there too (bad as I hate to admit it)...I just don't want to be known as the one wife that sends sandwiches and canned soup for her hubby every day!
So...excuse me while I go whip up a pot of stew or maybe some of those mini-meatloaves and try to redeem some sense of my wife-hood!

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