Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life Story

"Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God." Each life is a story to be written. The Author starts each life story...but each life will write his or her own ending.
I recently came across this in a devotional and it really got me thinkin'....WOW!! How very true, we enter this world (no matter the circumstances) pretty much that point on "we" are writing our own ending. We decide what "baggage" we carry with us, what decisions we make, what road we travel....the "end" of our story! Will we follow the "world" or will we follow God's path? Where will the "world" path take us?.......scripture tells us to "live in the world, but not by the world" . What a challenge, live in the world...but not by the world. What exactly does that mean???? For me it means just what the beginning sentence states....make my journey with a deep consciousness of live with a deep consciousness of God is to know God and to know God not only must we study His Word, we must have fellowship with like-minded people...fellowship and we must listen for the still, small voice that will answer our questions and help us in the times of trial and decisions....For me that "listening" is the hardest part! I tend to want to BLOW ahead with whatever I may or may not be doing.......but, sometimes God is wanting me to be still & listen for Him and His plan! His plan may not always be the easiest path, but I know it is always the best path....because it is the path that leads to Him! So....I choose love for my story ending, the love that God had for me at the beginning of my story and the love that will eventually bring me to eternity with our Heavenly Father!

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