Thursday, March 4, 2010

One more

Okay, one more "dog" story. The pictures above are of Bandit and his diggin' hole. As soon as we moved into our house Bandit went to diggin'....that was 13 years ago! We've filled in the hole many times throughout the years, but Bandit just goes right back to the same place and digs! It's pretty much an everyday habit for him, except he's become a "fair-weather" digger.......he'll stick his nose out the doggie door to test and if it seems okay, out he'll go. Back to the "hole", spend a few minutes lettin' the dirt fly and he has satisfied his need to dig. I give this old guy lots of credit, he's never tried to dig outta' the yard and from the depth of this hole he could've broke out long ago!! Gotta' love the dogs!! Boy, they sure do give me a lot of entertainment!!

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