Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I confess I am just about 20 pounds overweight! There I said it...not that anyone really reads my blog, but it is somewhat helpful anyway to just confess! Because I have come to the realization that I am overweight, I decided to "work-out". Not sure how that's gonna turn out....what muscle do we have in our left butt-cheek anyway and why in the world is that where I hurt after only two days of a mild work-out? I also confess I've not "worked out" since my buddy moved to another state back in July, good grief it sure doesn't take long for a body to go WaY soft!!! If you're wondering how my age plays into this equation.....well, let's just say I'm too old to not know better and too young to call it "old-age"!!! I really miss my buddy....she was a work out guru! This chick could run circles around anyone half her age and she kept me accountable. She wasn't mean spirited at all, but she just had a way of making you want to improve your lifestyle! Not only in body, but in spirit.....she is an awesome Christian lady. So, as I ponder how to get this body of mine back in shape without doing some major muscle damage (there's gotta be a muscle in my left butt-cheek) I am hoping that this silly blog will help me somehow be more accountable! I'm only in the first week.......so maybe next week I will show some improvement. Ever how slight it might be I will rejoice! (Although I'm hoping for some grand intervention and the fat will just melt away in my sleep because I am really good at sleeping and not so coordinated to do the whole aerobics exercises!) If only I didn't love to bake goodies and cook! Or maybe if I had an ounce of self disciple that would stop me from eating all the stuff I bake and cook! Maybe I need to work on the self-disciple too! Hummm....now that I think about it weight isn't the only issue I need to tackle. Guess I best stop typing before this self-examination reveals even more!!

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