Friday, April 16, 2010

Life is Fragile

Just read about a young woman from my "neck of the woods" that has been diagnosed with astrocytoma....the word cancer sends chills down my back, but that word~~astrocytoma~~brings vivid memories. My brother, who is 6 years younger than me, was diagnosed with that type of cancer many years ago. This brings back a scene I hope to never have to brother, all of 20 at the time, is in surgery and all the family is waiting, the doctor comes out and explains it all to us...good news: he has been successful in removing the biggest part of the tumor, bad news it does appear to be maglient what kind of cancer is yet unknown....the pain on my parents face is too much for me to bear. At the time I am not only all grown up, but I have a family of my own, yet I was not grown up enough to know how to handle that kind of pain...don't know that you ever can be. The days that followed are a blur, then comes that word "astrocytoma" and it is explained to us.....this type of cancer is agressive, not common in young people and pretty much terminal. Another scene burned in my parents are even more devastated, I watch as my dad tries to comfort my mom through his own tears and decide I have to get outside.....I get to my suburban and cry for a few minutes and then this unbelievable sense of peace fills me, so I begin I didn't hear some thunderous voice from above, but God assured me my brother would survive this cancer. There are no words to describe how I knew this, but I did....God told me! Now what followed wasn't easy for my brother....very intense chemo and radation for what seemed like forever! All these years later? Yes, my brother is not only alive.....but cancer free! God taught me not only to listen, but BELIEVE His Will be done.....I don't get to understand it all in the here and now. While this story has a happy ending I simply don't always understand God's Will, but I trust with every fiber of my being that God will handle every aspect of my life and His Will be done!! God bless the precious family that is living this astrocytoma season, I pray God's Will be done and they will be blessed through it.

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