Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tenely Samantha Ford

Wow! I'm a "Nana"!!!!! Everyone kept telling my how awesome it is to have grandchildren, you just don't understand until that first little one arrives!! Tenely Samantha Ford joined our family August 23 and she is the most amazing little bundle of preciousness I believe I've ever encountered!!
She and her mama just spent their first weekend at Nana & Papa's house and boy did we ever enjoy it!! My daughter, Katey, is an awesome Mom already....what a lucky little girl to have such an amazing Mom! Katey & her friend Chanel got to go out for a little "girl time" and I got to watch over Tenely....not without Katey giving me instructions to how things are done. Katey & Ben have little Miss Tenley on a schedule, which works out great for everyone and in fact I did the same thing. Brought back memories of the first time I left my first born with my mom, I did the exact same thing....except I actually wrote down the schedule for her! haha Needless to say I got a little chuckle out of that! My mom told me, as I handed her the instructions of how to work little Derek's schedule, she was pretty sure while it had been many years since she'd had a newborn she could handle feeding, changing diapers, bathing and mostly cuddling and spoiling her first grandchild. I did kinda giggle at Katey and assured her I could handle it! Well, we did great....little Miss Tenley stayed on schedule and Mama was happy.
Can't wait until the next visit!!!

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