Monday, January 31, 2011

There's a storm 'a comin'

In my neck of the woods people are gettin' ready! Schools have been canceled, people are flocking to the local grocery store (what makes us go by milk & bread when there is a storm forecast?), local businesses are gearin' up and heck even the business I work for is considering not even being open tomorrow! That last one gets a big YAY from me, first time EVER we've closed completely.
At any rate it is the talk of the entire country....this storm that is forecast to dump ice and heavy amounts of snow. I think I'll just load up some firewood, build a big fire and read....that is if the storm actually hits! And send up lots of prayers for my truck driving son that is somewhere in the Dakotas.....I'll probably spend most of my time doing that last one! Sure pray he stays safe and alert on the dangerous roads! He'd just tell me not to worry...sorry son, can't do that. It's part of the description of being a matter how old your children are!
So far it's just super cold here....not even a flake of snow or sign of freezing rain. Who knows maybe we'll wake tomorrow to sunny skies!! Which would be okay with me, even if I could get the day would just mean that truck driving son of mine would be able to get home.

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