Monday, January 3, 2011

So....Christmas has come and gone & the new year has blown on it! Tenley is growing and changing by leaps and bounds! I cannot get enough of this little one....she is simply the light of my life! How amazing it is to see her develop....she is now rolling over when she wants to...she is gaining more and more control of her hands and she loves to "talk" especially to her Uncle Derek.
As the new year comes rushing in so do all my thoughts of goals for the new year! First and foremost I have to find some self discipline! Top on my list is to spend more time in God's Word, followed by being still and letting God be God in my life. In this crazy-insanely hectic-gotta have it now world, this may be a big accomplishment! I thought when your kids grew up and spread their wings life slowed down! SO NOT TRUE!!! While we may not have some sort of a ballgame or stock show around every corner, my schedule still seems to be full! I am beginning to learn how to say "no", someone once told me that just because it is something good doesn't mean you have to automatically say "yes". Satan has a way of working in all avenues in our lives, even when we believe it is for the good.....he can spread us so thin doing good we soon find ourselves lost in doing instead of following God's will for our lives.
Another goal is to eat healthy and exercise, I haven't been to good with either of these in a long long time . Today was the first day....ate healthy and actually exercised! The same person that told me not to always say yes also told me that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That doesn't seem like a long time, but just try it and you'll soon realize how long 21 days can be. Day one down, 20 more to go!!
As 2011 takes do I, ready to be amazed at every awesome thing this precious granddaughter does and ready to be the person God wants me to be!! Watch out 2011...HERE I COME!

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