Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A day in the life of a 40 something......Up around 6:00 (a.m. of course), still super excited that I have a new camera even though I don't know exactly know how to use it!! Super bummed that I have to go to work instead of learning all about the new camera! Up, showered, dressed and caffine filled off to work 7:30ish.....then to local joint to grab the 44 oz. unsweetened tea (extra ice) to get me through till lunch, 7:45ish (yes, it takes me 15 minutes to get tea because in a small town you know everyone and of course you have to stop for a visit to catch up even though you just talked with them yesterday!) to work to work I go!! After a short "Hello" to boss man to the daily grind I go!!! About 15 minutes later...morning work is done! No, it's not always that quick, just this time of year! Then it's a little blog-stalking.....I could actually do this all day, but I do have some self displine! I've read and studied some AWESOME blogs and ya' know what? Yup, you guessed it.....I don't have the writing talent of sooooo many bloggers out there! But, I forge on, maybe just maybe I will get it at some point! 12:00!!!! YEY!! Lunch break, but oh dang I remember I have to do paperwork for hubby....2290 to be exact, can I do it over the phone? 10 minutes later....ummm NO! Can I do it online, sure....in 7 to 10 days the IRS will send you the pin number, that would be great if this wasn't due....ummm way before yesterday! Well....it is now almost time to be back at work, decision time. Skip lunch altogether or grab something to take back, of course I decide the later (I've never been too good at skipping meals, which you could take one look at me and KNOW)....run to grocery store, grab frozen quickie meal and another 44 oz unsweetened tea.....check out? Not before I drop the iced tea and make a big mess! Of course I had to replace the tea, I certainly couldn't go without! Well....after the clean up of 44 oz of iced messed....I make the 1 minute commute to work, but of course as I am pulling into the parking lot, someone pulls in right in front of me AND A TAKES MY PARKING SPACE!!! So, I park way out in the lot...okay so it's only a few extra steps to the office, but REALLY? You couldn't park somewhere else? I am not sure why this bothers me so.....just one more thing I apparently need to work on!! :) Not too much excitement for the afternoon.....usual work stuff. 5:00? Boy, I'm outta' there....once home? What's for supper? Quick and easy? Yup, that'll work for me!!! Taco Quesadilla (I know that's not spelled right). After supper, gotta play with new camera with some very reluctant subjects! Come on guys...I promised not to post these practice pics anywhere....why won't you trust me!!! YEY!! Actually walked 2 miles at a pretty good "clip" (on the treadmill I had to "over hall" for an awful squeaking the night before)....don't laugh, remember this is a 40-something here! Sooooo....after just a little more "blog-stalking", trying my hand at this "bloggin" thing...pretty sure no one reads it and I am pretty sure only my sweet daughter will follow. Oh well....it's a cool release!
Happy "bloggin" ya'll!

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