Monday, May 23, 2011

This is our beloved Bandit with our grand baby just a week ago. Bandit died yesterday after having a convulsion that he just couldn't recover from. Of course it had to happen on a Sunday, but I was able to phone our vet. The vet said it was a convulsion and because he hadn't had any before, he felt like he would recover if we just kept him cool and let him rest. That wasn't the case though, his old body just couldn't come out of it. It is pretty sad around our house, we had Bandit for 15 years and he was such a big part of our family! His buddy, Gus is having a hard time adjusting to not having his constant companion. Bandit brought us so much joy over the years....I don't really think he thought he was a dog, he was just a part of the family! Little Miss Tenley loves dogs and we were surprised that Bandit went right over and sat down next to her and let her tug and pull on him. Wonder if he knew his time was short and she needed to get to know him a little. There are countless stories about Bandit and I am so thankful he belonged to our family, as bad as the hurt is right now there are so many good memories of him with our family!

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